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"I said cock 'em up." "Oh, Walter...." Shamefully, hornily, the mother then did as her son asked. She raised her knees high over her shoulders, spreading them, completely opening her wet, throbbing, curly-haired pussy hole for the invasion of his cock. Walter grinned, mounting his mother. He fit the spongy tip of his prick between the pouting petals of her very tight cunt. "Man, I've really got a hot load now," he panted. "I was just about to shoot off when you walked in. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard I'll probably knock you off the bed!" Patty didn't answer. She was too busy looking down, excitedly watching her son's immense cock-lance boring into her pussy. The stiff prick stretched her pussy lusciously, making the walls clasp and grip exquisitely around the invading thickness of his cock. For nearly a full day she'd fantasized about this, about again feeling her boy's prick slamming back into the pussy that had birthed him. 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